There's More Beyond
Rev. DeWaun Ashley4/28/2024
Don't Let The Language Die
Rev. DeWaun Ashley4/28/2024
Interrupted By An Issue
The End of Salt
Jim Elliot's Notebook
Where Is Your Tent?
I Made My Decision When I Was In My Right Mind
The Significance of the Church, Week 3
Trophies of Hell
In The Presence of Angels
The Lost Pulpit
A Three Day Journey
His Broken Body
The Preamble to Victory
Life Academy Chapel: Change
Bro. Scott Harpole3/1/2024
The Simplicity of Jesus
Bro. Scott Harpole11/30/2022
Wisdom Series: The Conclusion of Wisdom
Bro. Scott Harpole6/29/2022
The Knowledge Project - Truth Series: Baptism
Bro. Scott Harpole5/25/2022
The Knowledge Project - Truth Series: Repentance
Bro. Scott Harpole5/18/2022
Developing The Home Series: Building For Success
Bro. Scott Harpole4/20/2022
Breaking Intimidation
Bro. Scott Harpole3/30/2022
Breaking Free
Bro. Scott Harpole3/16/2022
The Knowledge Project, Relationships Week 2: Inside The Marketplace
Bro. Scott Harpole2/16/2022
Bro. Scott Harpole1/5/2022
Sure Foundations Lesson 2 - Why Pray
Bro. Scott Harpole10/27/2021
Called to Serve....God
Bro. Scott Harpole8/4/2021
A House Set In Order
Rev. Timothy Barbour9/20/2023
Things I Understand
Rev. Timothy Barbour4/23/2023
Care Series, Week 1: Caring For Our Guest
Emotionally Healthy Series, Week 2: Church
Rev. Timothy Barbour3/22/2023
The Role of the Church
Rev. Timothy Barbour10/26/2022
Rev. Timothy Barbour11/21/2021
Life & Lessons of the Patriarch Isaac
Rev. Timothy Barbour7/14/2021
Rev. Timothy Barbour9/13/2020
The Parable of The Net
Rev. Timothy Barbour6/17/2020
I've Come This Far
The Refuge of a King
Rev. Timothy Barbour12/18/2019